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one step closer… =D

cry, singing, private, training pains, 2 hos, restless nights, food less hours, heartless hurt control over one another…

3 1/2 years… 1 week… (fun-intimate-showing our colors)

but for me its not the same, to not be able to hold you…


chi, intimacy, police rides, hospital therapy, bushes and scratches,

her bruises… still healing for years on in…


Eminem and ed – rivers


to Love… and love itself.

im am truley yours, david minh quoc tran… your spirit, and your love will always be  here with us. Your love is lustful, full of itself and carries an oath of confidence and righteousness for it is our duty to help him find himself though this construct to fulfill his destiny as the it guy in this construct of hurt, pain and bigotry.

i, david minh tran, will resign from this position someday in the future and it will not hold me back from this life to do so so i would need to figure out what to do about this construct to know more about myself and be the one to find out what to do with this construct of thoughts to find out what i need and what Lory needs to be together forever and be happy with the end results.




ITs ON!!!!!!!

one car, one house, pention, and a job!!! and love… start of one… =D

help around the world!!! IT FUCKEN WORKS MAN!!! MY FUCKEN THEORIES!!!!!






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relationship with





Awareness 30%! {4&1 60%David   /  3&1  40% Mystic(it)}

Shadow { 3&2.   80%  /   4. 20% }

Me{it}     1! [15%]      2![25%]     3![10%]      4![50%]

Body{it}    100%







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tag team bros for life!!!


Stuck in mind looking at traumatic events. best cry of my life. realized the 4 was stuck in limbo looking through memory and fell so bad for the original me who started this whole ordeal 3.5 yeard ago. Used self-hypnotism to look for trauma. 3 found 4 looking at one spot in and was stuck there crying but without knowing he was stuck there at all.

limbo= eyes unfocused, wonderment, looking back at trauma and not expressing the release of emotion.

cry of getting over soming that you dewl on=vulnerable(static buzz), guilt, sorrow,happiness for finding out how to get out of limbo (almosts pissed my pants)

static buzz = had for fear, adrenaline, singing, cold sweat, confusion, nervous anxiety, paranoia

News!!!! Found the David4/lory in limbo and taped him out


1 (26+spilt)Runo Vulcans (davids likes pluto/stitch/annie/runo/medusa) gamma relationship between 3&4

2 (2)Hype(excitement) and (5)Tester(can get down)

3 (1)DMQT(ego2=alpha/beta) action, precise,direct

4 (3) meditation on death, heaven, and earth)David Minh Quoc Tran(heart and soul/ego(1)alpha/beta) relaxing, calm, Metaphorical, make sure and notes

5 (1)shadow and backup notes

6 (Z*nth)community neighborhood watch

(123456) = 1 (it-ego)

3% for thinking 7% for moment and emotion and body funtions

3%(40%for it 60% for Out me)

13,000 of others on the planet (idealeo)


1 air runo

2 water David Minh Quoc Tran

3 solid  DMQT

4 lighting (shadow realization)


0     unity of all. clairvoyance and balance (tranquilly focus)

1st   all seeing eye (third-person observer and understanding) introspection

2nd influence of speech(guideness and kindness)

3rd heart (ambition, inspiration, care, nurture)

4th gut intuition and innate dyi confidant

5th  sacral sensual vulnerability open to new things

6th roots (viet-american, likes, foundational self, community)


constructive Mind games. 3dmqt and 4David Minh Quoc Tran using IT(mind/imagination)

Realized that you are good at talking down situations(life and death)

The Imagination is an interesting place(area of space for many topics of recall). one may lose themselves in belief. self (mindY) can play tricks on self(mindX).

Self value/worth. Appreciation and pride.

Self confidence. proof of capability. unlocks previous beliefs of doubts (dinh, carl)

Trust. peace of mind.



I is David Minh Quoc Tran. Mind body and Soul

and it is I. peace and tranquillity, fun and play


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charactiers or it

1  (ego) soul like

2 Gamma (fun) emotional

4 heart love

(it) 5  shadow (quick twitches) (glowing 8)



1 (meduca ,annie, runo) gamma

4 heart love glowing 8)

2 thrived (alpha/beta)

3 (d2) action (alpha/beta)




Hey Dmqt. Thanks for finding me, man!  Cried my heart you for


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black… 23. absorption of all

violet… 26. alpha testing. foundational outline. self-actualisation

1 emotional testing

2 sanity testing

3 persona testing



kids. sleep. concise

adjustment over time 1 month.



chance to share life.

chance to create life.

chance to see life grow

life end.

beta testing

(L1/3 R1/3) (1/3)

progressive self-adaptation/ behaviour shift

Construct and association of now-2018

It’s On!!!

Hey Dmqt!

*good vibes*

you can show everyone and yourself “it”! [David’s Imagination]

Awesome abilities man!

Enthusiast of Meta-Physical concepts at Play.

reference point satellite

blind spot

r o y g b i v

red. Medusa (stone)/Runa Yomozuki (tattoo) ish

Good luck David. Everyones looking out for you. You’ve Made it man!

You got wings if you ever fall =D

I think he would have been proud of how he turn out to be man… awesome

Hyped up!

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Good luck DMQT!

Brainstorming away through the clouds man…

Lots of happy campers at your site bro.

hope your enjoy this next phase of your life man =D

Cool runnings… whooshhhhh


1 w    3/23    0  1  2 3 4 5 6

1 m   4/20    habit routine

1y M.A. Dance

5y Web

8y Book

15y Com