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We want to be subjected. 

A guiding light in the vast darkness. Aka too much maybe to handle. Unmanageable.

When we pray. People hear you. And others will react to your words.

Objective. 0. One for all. All for one. 


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A prefect formless mass of smaller imperfect forms. To have shape, the shapeless must exist beside it.

Material the fuel. Reactive. Energy possible to translate heat. Become smaller equals fast. 

Oxygen. O2…. vaccumed. Fire needs to breath. Maybe a medium for high speed limits? Division of space.

The ignition. Speed. Friction/ collision. 

The curve. Maybe gravitational force from taking up space? Small electron = atronget pull But space is just space. Let’s assign unit 0. 

Everything moves here. Just at different speeds. Fast and slow is relative. Objective = one point. Subjective = two points. Three points = gps architecture- a stable supported system translated. 

I think everything happens conditionaly.  perfectly designed 

To retain form. One must manage self atmosphere to exist. But management is inevitable. Not chosen? Or is it the fight to exist? Retain just stable enough to hold together.

Divinely human. Maintain form to be subjected. To turn into stone.

One day… hopefully a maybe becomes is and be.

DMQT Mysticism

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let’s depart and curate a new direction onwards.

adjusted to you of course. modular, universal truths

foolproof, self-taught.

(how to foolproof?  we are the fool  =O proofing  our own systems)

pocket-sized toolkit for anything… literally. YAY Game Theory!

all you need is 3 slots. easy as 1 2 3!

+ And – , axis, geometric supportive system of both the physical and the probable

(DELTA FORCE-the source of our Fire/heat/energy)

points needed for an event to occur. Bang?

points for cognitive development


Mysticism: reference for guidance. awe of all that has become and for growth.

to teach teaching, to understand understanding, to learn learning.

flux to stern, stern to flux. Personal choice for all. Free Will.


The Mystics (wolve pack): a private society of skilled individuals branching many districts to cover reachable bases. unified and directional. living amongst us in secret.    (horde of drones-school of fish, the variety show – related by diversity, enders game, hot springs and tides) watchdogs


Neurosynchrony (the ultimate heat-seeking missile) – an orchestra of individually engineered mental processes playing in tune (our vessel is your instrument) (plugged in, real-time, reactionary) (limit: our imagination)

-is anything truly infinite? just really long finite numbers? even space needs space to take up space… even time is finite… no heat, no movement. but maybe the chance of infinite generations of the same time? complete stillness infinitely? all energy forces translated to… or dissipated in all directions? there must be an underlying code to all this…… situational… conditional… things don’t just happen here. cause and effect.

-is anything truly independent? counterparts and conditional, cause and effect?

the physical world always follows the rules (if the environment allows such to occur/become/exist and the materials necessary are provided) – atoms follow rules (finite states of being) 

the virtual world is where we reset the rules. throw them in the blender to make some smoothies.  and that’s how we will reach infinite… where it exists in a finite dimension. (finite storage space of possibility and chance)

infinite paths on a finite plane? but that’s finite to what the plane encompasses.

what if we exist in an environment of infinite space? its just there… the one and only independent variable… and we exist riiiiggghhhttttt about there. *points at a tiny speck of shiny stuff* (where did all this space come from anyway? or is it perfect conditions for it to exist?) you even need space for a point to exist at all. and things to happen.


the spectrum of now. (same amount of existing gravitational force [finate amount of space taken up by atoms since atoms also have limited resources to exist], different weights [directrional pull, stress areas, hot spots])

black hole – pockets in space that follow a different time signature? Mary Poppins mystery bag? hot spots that enter the red zone? a never-ending black hole of infinite density/depth a sign of entropy? small gets tight. same amount stuff? just less space?compression, pressure, heat? radiation (a new realm of physics (of small stuff) where a shell comes into existence) an ever vacuumed controlled environment for such to exist?

black – heat absorption (wears a fuzzy coat of none reflected photons?) photons just bounce around right? they are just there and reveal the pathway?


how does small stuff vibrate and spin so fast? for so long? on its own?!?! the atmosphere pressure/conditional requirements for the quality of small differs from the large?

maybe we don’t travel through time at all? warp speed – maybe condense space until its symmetrical counterpart vacuums us in. to have a hot spot, it must be cold in the area surrounding the spot. conditional areas of cause and effect. maybe small has less resistance? almost a perfect circle kind of thing? pinpoint mapping of space density (gravitational influence) and environmental radiation levels. small can go places that big can not. hehehe with incredible speeds! trying to be at two places at once and whatnot… which statement is true? 0 is true, therefore 1 is false? 1 is not a true answer, so 1 must be false? inductive or deductive? to be there, this must go there. to be here and there, I must be everywhere… so close to nowhere. (i think its just really fast…) small flux pathways patterns. kinda like lightning. each one uniquely different but each part is connected, adding to the next, to the next until full adjustment to flux. or maybe it’s simultaneous?!?!? there is no adjusting at all?!?! all have been set and accounted for. systematic chain reaction. no free will. I only exist in this form now only now. we’re just going through the motions from that first big push =D One big push leads to a neverending pull… unless a counteraction occurs. or we can make one! every moment in space uniquely different. the flux. one spark to set the universe on fire. one pre-directed path. one time. one moment. can never be replicated again.  isn’t that strange to you? a place where there’s no choice but to change. continuous and everlasting due to the very first event/action. we are just a translated reflection of the big bang (if there ever was one) no plan… no end… just going, and going and going… gone…

ok.. for big, a proton, slow. counterpart = small, electron , fast.  sooo big mass x slow = small mass x fast since stuff wants to be stable. (how does charge exist in the first place?needed for energy? since it is translated, in what ways? just hot to cold right? not even cold to hot??!!? do u think?!?!?! so fucking cold out there that everything, heat turns to kinetic energy? is there more cold than hot? or has it always been 50/50… how did all the heat focused on our galaxy? maybe even more a far… multiple galaxies/big bangers? or just us? whats bigger than the big bang? just a big star that exploded… maybe there’s more? that we are so small comparatively.   i think we’ll brake off to an alien species before we ever find one… so… much… space…. but same odds to find it too? so both? but we know that everything moves only in conditions of the possible, reactive, responsive.

or maybe space moves fast indepent, big matter move together slow. smaller u are, faster u move. space no mass, hella fast.

is there any form of energy that is not physical?


maybe we are the resulting counterpart of the existence of dark matter or something needs to fill in all that space… maybe it lives in a thinner medium. space is always filled up maybe? like perfect conditions all the time. always fit and adjust to any variation. (like hello! GPS weather report of available pathways open! to find the right fit or to create it?) energy is neither created or destroyed. but can dissipate so far that it only exists in its simplest form independently from each other. (lets bubble up earth, yea?… no need for a ship, we’ll just take the planet with us =D)


(self and socially engineered. All ultimately put together by you to fit your desire! modular to you and to change)


reviled possible cards.

shuffle and create some of your own cards in the mix!

estimated possibilities and probabilities.

[bookmark. BOOKMARK! BoOk MArk?  *whisper* booook maarrrrrrrkkk?!?!

Um… let’s go with just bookmark. for this one…



given a guideline/blueprint + (personal application and usefulness x times number of different specific uses)

method/topic + (applied focus x number of situational uses)

a number of situational uses = helps creative problem-solving tactics, can rearrange method itself too. The method is only there for a starting point, reference and focal points. resourceful repurposing.


To fit our specific, personal rationalization styles of logic.


example: duct tape.

Guide – strong material, really sticky on one side. can connect parts together.

Application – focus and attention, applied one use.

Number – limited by how many other uses one may stumble across (make a boat/rope/ball… fix the front bumper… if in desperate need of floss?…. umm Macgyver something) (the more heads, the better- only way to shine a light on the surface area of possibilities, cover the most ground) (a… lot…. of…. ground…. too… cooveerrrrrrrrr…..) All Good tho!

To the process!



Year 1

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its been a great 26 years! many ups and downs but look at me now? lol now what?!!?! it will work! a universal plug-in that unifies all!

I believe this is it.  humanity is the system.


wahahahahahahahas just a random guy at this time period and thinks his ideas can change the world! *explosion* lol or make a decent story…

I think I can really make an impact on society still one day. uniquely put together by me, DMQT.

Year one. initiate protocol




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risking only my sanity… to be reborn sane

IM OUT! jackolanter rave. soooo much energy! ENCORE!

do i have a soul? rip it up/break up into 1000 pieces and put it back together =D

i dont know how to live here, mind tricks to warp my sense of reality. (purpose= break what i think is real, manic episodes but now controlled.


the IV lines beat.


self-diagnosis: it is time for us to find a new path, one that i think we all can share….


to us!


sense of time now: still every day is different, habits retained longer. testing the waters on the impulsive and guided action.

Hello, DMQT speaking, units are a GO!

alpha,  beta,  theta



engraved and guided.


classes, niches, attend to physical needs, every class supported! a multitude of specifics.


OH MY WORD MAN…. its incredible to me that we as people are so variant  yet commonalities in reactive behaviour.

wild flower, storm dancer, air waver…

its alll coming along man!!! 3 years of i dont know what the hell im doing to my-self to now ok. assess IS periodically. ideally mental process library. engineered choices and decisions.


we are all colors! shades and design….


the new beginning.


it has come

team UP!

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if you find any use from this, we can use your help =D

we’re always find out more and every vision counts!

to the process! lol


all accounted for, all attended to. whatwhat! hahahaha


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maybe man! like player one, tron, sims, reachs many interest and still (conforming? enviromental influence UNIFIED),with engineering . humanity pluged in!

like lab rats in a playground man! just like that, virtual and physical reality. we learn from evolutions of our speices and dna. rats function in an innate form, by instinct, action that required little to no pre-mediation needed. one of our most mammalian traits. we study them to understand our very own speices, (and watch what happens when we built a playground for them =D) .maybe what separate us is planning an engineering different senioros (aka generation simulation)

and from this we can go back(or emphasize) our present being?(how the human body works at this time and where we are at in society.


everything is physical in the that reality, frequency and matter. (time is a measure of distance. movement.)

virtual is the social-humanitarianism. the unification of our species. to be human. oh how its gonna be fun! for everyone =] it just might work.


the engineering age? planning lol methodology testing age. awesome! too much data, got it. simple method generations, cool, manageable . probability and statistics game now.



done!!!! mechanialis work! humans work each robotic symmetric Representative Mechanical form to perform work in designated directive (many or one) (like mental chess games and how many of them you want) . work is gonna be FUN man! like a game! Howning into your chosen skill set. (virtual representation of work is now. a game we play together and all get better in the direction you chose to take. its gonna be soo fun man!!! and were getting hella shit DONE doing it too!!!!!! Woohoo US.!

then designated environment for the us not plugged in… the physical us. where all is attended for =D

oh yea, hears the trick ;] everyone plugs in only when they want to =D no want at all and thats fine =D

diversity man… and life will arise.


this can possible be our utopia. im excited man!

(slowly forgetting the steps that built me up to this point… now trying to write them down more often. im happy man. got my days but hey, going along)

work like a lab rat, live in our habitat =D  (fly like a bee, sting like a butterfly =D)