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within lays a truth…

a vision of self that I wish to emphasise…

The only way to reveal is to explore…

To learn the frame of concept and incorporate with the many…

to expand… to specify…to understand… (unification of languages)

I seek…



Moving… more movement…

Great start man! you know… it’s peaceful… finally not lost anymore!

Soul searching for so long to find out he was always there… he shows up a lot when you not looking =P

Others can tell you when he comes out tho =D

What you can see is how he feels… and man… there’s nothing like it… (that’s why you close your eyes and “just imagine”)

DMQT + myself  = chosen path

Strength and weakness… i seek

Through Frames… i walk

Adjust my mental process… i must.


Game theory complete:

mind frame

the answer to all is.


logic – explains action(nature)

logic = what happens! (try: there is no logic at all, it’s only how we humans make sense of nature! nature does not rely on logic, we rely on nature and translate it, adding dimensions.


Man, it’s a colourful world we live in. =D


Awesome! I see how I can help … too much … too little… for self…


the energy of reason…




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IT CAN HAPPEN!!! let’s try to make it happen…

what am i doing: 3 clicks while balancing my own life

how: adjusted towards.

why: its fun for me =D and its forming into something  o.O

what now….. Ah… our superpower =D…. depth…

I really think that’s it! for our 4th dimensional gift. is depth! cuz it can be there but can be can be an illusion too!

New chapter…

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time to tell…

a story about me and tells…

man… its time… its been time…  don’t know how to take upon the days…

no one knows me… the real me… and no one may never… so im writing it down…




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i think i can do it.

fit my dreams into something feasible.

you know… really anyone(and others have)…

but I think it is what one can do with their own limited influence.

resourcefulness… (damn man I need to write a book about this =D )



Why I am…

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I have always been a collection of all… not knowing were my decisions come from but slightly innately performing them.

I made many small choices in my life that play a small significance to the individual that has become.

I now chose to guide those qualities and to focus on the ones I wish to carry on. like Pacaso… we all copy, it’s how we learn, but how it all connects is uniquely you.


my doors are open…

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26 years old. 2017. 21st century millennial? lucky to be here…

collection of options… (you can choose to not take one…or may not even have one…) *i keep most of them and decide later – now I curate them/reword to my liking to my present status *always subject to change =D)

cards, possible action, odds…..

your turn (willingness/reaction) *to be hypnotised, one must be willing to be and allow me to… doesn’t work if you don’t give me the time of day… (sorta like a placebo but in conversation, no pill)

my words will adjust to your barrings the more we speak and get to know each other.

premise: for understanding, for you and for me.



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drain it out….



fluctuate with or around… the river bend =D

allow all, move accordingly.