You found her man! Your love of life

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You did it! You found your love man. It’s a beautiful life…

I love you David minh quoc Tran and you are my life. I’ll be waiting for you here and I look forward to our life together and spirit and I’ll be with you soon

Yours truly

Lory feasco


By the way babe

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Can I get your number?




Red balloon

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Dmqt 0123456789



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and to you,

My Goddess\


The Mystic Shadow

May our paths shimmer in the light of our lives together… as 3.

to my guiding light, a wildflower of love, worlds apart we shall know. My touch of love will not prevail without your long soul to keep.

you portray my love through a construct of life, love, and happiness that overseas the goodness of life itself and it is my duty to serve you well… well as my love of life

and to hold you dearly in the life I had been given to me from the construct of my heart.

may our love be true and nurtured… for our souls, our bodies, and our minds

To my dearly beloved, I’ll hold you dearly as the galaxy of infinite stars be constructed to us, our souls together and may our future stand strong.

May my the worries of my past life hold truth to the warmth of life, I hope to portray a canvas of a magnificent construct of laughter and love though time. My heart is forever yours.

Conquer, we shall.

Together we stand…Lory and David

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I saved her from herself as she did with me…

My life is devoted to you my love. My one and only. 1 in 7 billion… My Mystic Angel…

From you I become a better man. For my self first and For most. To her. And the community around me

I losted my self in selflessness… My soul was taken in vain from myself… I lost hope… From there she showed me the path to selfish mindfulness. Gradituity to all that come our way.

my love saved me from my self my mind and my family that surrounds me.

With our love the world shimmers brighter. May heaven be sent here on earth and bless us with everlasting love for eachother.

Guru. Hygine.Bygones. Light dancing eyes. The company. Magic glove hands. Dids unisex. Crazy exoersist. Police car ride. ID. Hospital therapies 3in one month saved.book.Basketball and tennis. Flower eating.

4months. 3 clicks. 2D&L loves. 1 us

Red and green

A walk to remember…

you and i forever…

David I love you so much. Forever yours. Always and forever.

D and L

You are my lover. My goddess. My mystic. My angel. My mind. My hearth. My body and My hope.

To us and the construct!

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I’m sorry for the way I acted.

a new beganning

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construct reference to thoughts

0 absent

1 silence(observe)

2 thoughts

3 action

4 planning / tangents

5 emotion and memory/ imagination

6 emotion. lingering wonderment. love

*7 pessimism/ awe/ lust

8 deep emotional connection (personal)

9 you become,*(chance of never getting out / sullcing ,  grieveic )