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I wanted to start writing down my passions and my beliefs in words to further understand myself and about the world that we all live in. That and also to work on my typing and spelling skills that I was always terrible at but , hey, I’m working on it =D So where do I begin…

I want to, one day, motivate the community around me to follow your dreams and one-day reach mine. Life is beautiful. People are beautiful. I ran into an old acquaintance that introduced me to the idea of entrepreneurship. A different perspective of viewing life which inspired me to do further research and hopefully be able to inspire others.  You, as an individual, are capable of amazing things. Once I realized that people are all the same, I couldn’t resist looking more into the matter. We all come from different backgrounds: race, culture, history. But we are all living at the same moment, figuring out how to live in the environment that surrounds us. Everyone is limited to the amount of time they have on earth and the impact they can make in people’s lives. Yes, some people may be gifted with incredible talent but no difficult feat was done without hard work and dedication.

We become experts at the activities that we invest our time with and build character towards our morals, values, and beliefs. If we surround ourselves with the successful people who inspire us and find the inspiration from others, we are able to share ideas to reach that success. It’s a mindset, a perspective, a different way people view their environment and see potential in themselves and others. It all starts with a dream.

Passion, work ethic, discipline, and a positive attitude are the most common attributes to pursue anything in life. Take that time to understand yourself. Once you find a clear picture of about why you are doing the things you are doing, it is easier face obstacles that lay ahead if you. Fear is what prevents us from getting us where we want to be in life. We say that we can’t do it so we stop trying and learning towards our interest. But fear is just the lack of awareness of the other side. It is just something you haven’t tried yet. To do well in any activity takes focus, practice, and repetition. You will begin thinking about the situation you are in and begin problem-solving, allowing yourself to think more creatively. You’ll find a way to reach your goal but only with a positive attitude because the only way to reach success is by going through many failures in search of a better way.

I’ve always loved the phrase, “The grass is greener on the other side.”

Most important lessons: invest in assets, listen, learn, prepare, and try. Invest your time and energy towards a good future. The last step, walking the walk, is probably the hardest because you may be afraid of failure. At least for me it is. But, life is about progress, right? =D All you can do is work on it and pick yourself back up.

Be thankful for the people who inspire you because they are your teachers that help you reach the place that you are here now. Parents, school teachers, relatives, friends, strangers. Everyone is doing what they believe in, trying to make by. Teachers spent their time to invest in you and your dreams.

And anyone can be a teacher!!!

Have Fun!!! With whatever you are doing! Its what life is supposed to be. A life of new experiences and opportunity. What can be more fun than chasing a dream =D

Any how, I’m making this to see if this can help me understand the world and pursue my dreams and passions because I’m having trouble finding where to start. But maybe that parts on me? To figure out where my priorities lie. A bigger and brighter picture for the future. I work full-time in the biofield doing testing as of now. First job after I graduated school. Vietnamese-American. Nowhere near the place where I want to be in life and I’m trying to figure it a way to get out of the system to find what I want. (11/11/17 make wish day lol =D edit: how to work with a pre-existing system.)

I keep hearing this concept, life is a series of choices. We choose what we believe in and to pursue. I’ve always been interested in figuring out why people do the things they do and what people want because I’m trying to figure out what I want. There is probably a lot of grammatical and spelling errors in here but no one is perfect but I’m making progress. I have so many ideas to write so I can make sense of it and this is so new to me.

These are only ideas and I take no credit for thinking about this myself. Its a collection of ideas from: TEDx Talks videos, music, dance, job interviews, life experiences, and people.





Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Fire squad by j. cole(lyrics)

I realize The fear lies in my lack of awareness of the other side

Today I know that we are the same
Are the same, you and I
Different kind of skin, different set of eyes
Two different minds, but only one God

It’s for all the kings
Cause I know deep down every poet just wanna be loved