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I chose in this lifetime is to play simulations represented in the 1% population to seek wearing googles that they wear here. its like looking through the their looking glass. and experiencing it a fraction of the wide spectrum we all life in.

if life perceived as a simulations. we all live in the same reality through our measured time. but all realitys are unique to self. (connect by reference point awareness) (rational mind hard to break (stubborn to methods that work functionally ,attachment, self realization so personal, comfortably to discipline and devotion to, repetition and practice an familiarity, can be what ever or dear so care) realities are difficut to influcsed once accepted by individual. sometimes must scatter if beneficiary to pick up pieces like front windsealed (protected scatter)(psyoch thearpy)


try to find a way to measure timed differently. seriously might work with everything dude seriously find an alternative, audible make more or general variables (time(cycles and misplacement), space(+,- logic)), and [time* (new sign function)] (aka time (relationship){squared}). more will be reveil about it to you!


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