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25 years

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Hey David,

Its been 25 years of living life and now you reached a point where you what to keep track of how your life is going to far!

Congrats on making it this far man! you have lots of untapped potential in you and you know that. Hopefully through this process, you are able to unleash parts of it throughout your life. This also is a tangible reference to memories as you tend to forget over time.

My memories of events and experiences has slowly faded away. I only remember the incidences that I repeatedly bring up. It (looking into your past/searching in your mind for memories) behaves sort of like a forced and practiced recall of an experience. Plus this is helping me to see how to analyses thoughts and memories for the sake of understanding the mind.

(i don’t want to imprint false details about to memorizes of the past to keep them intact as they are now. aka try not to make details up too much or it will alter the whole event)

(imprinting false memories is possible and helpful towards shifting your perspective of some occurrence in the past = recommended for therapy of traumatic events.

From this exercise, I want to further understand the world around me and investigate the human mind and its capabilities that I can test in my lifespan. I believe this to be a life long journey to reveal life’s untold mysteries.

So where to start?

I, David-Minh Quoc Tran, was born on August 26, 1991. I’m a Virgo, sheep/goat as some may say.

Son of a family of 6. Hung, Thao, Vy, Van, me, and be.

I remember a very happy childhood. Spending time with my family, traveling, playing games, and eating delicious food.The youngest, I was spoiled by my family. Everyone took great care for me that i didn’t recognize how much it meant until i got older.

Troublesome events created a large contrast to the joy I was living in. I took in discipline in an unhealthy manner. I thought yelling at myself and hurting myself (head banging on the wall) would get me to stop whatever i was in trouble for. Looking back now, I know I shouldn’t have done that since it is still reflective of how I react to certain situations today.

Memories are easily accessible if there happens to be a significance that pertains to the overall experience. Correlation of senses of the event can be recalled to pull up different emotions for the past.

23 = Theseus

25 =2 years for connecting thoughts with significance (impactful aka clicks and cues)

25=6 months of practicing having thoughts and brainstorming in the mind!!!!! i never had thoughts and brainstorming in the mind. i always used to do that out loud! a great practice. split personality. on propose (two heads better than one) 2 bias.


from what i remember:

sleepwalking, woke up and cried

Be, gray pjs

bowling ball trip, broken finger

hand in ravioli, burns

dad teaching how to ride a bike, knee scraper

going to the video store to play the shooting arcade game, quarters

home depot trips, churros

grandparents, world youth day trip, nickel city, McDonald, toasted bagels and ice cream (was pretty close to grandparents) pog (grandpas store)




Hello Earth!

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So where do we start?

the premise of this book:

As a story unfolds, a link that matches up the whole story will convey a message to the reader. The message is adapted to the reader. increase the entropy of your system.



modular; hit many points at once for overall understanding.

lights, electrical engineering, civil engineering, the architecture of geometric shapes(origami)

to make a virtual dream of any kind. (allows for practice of simulation training ) (preparation for future events)

coding influence for understanding tech. understand the world around us a little more than before. how closely related we are to the very things that we possess in our lives. the instruments of our life. the material is the reflection of us.

3d pop-out for dimensional thinking, and illusions for depth.

therapy and self judgment!!! help gut/intuition influence. Do it yourself project.

freedom of choice.

peace. love. unity. respect.

reflection of frequency! REMEBER WE ARE BEINGS OF FREQUENCY and MATTER)

the way (photonics) questions are asked and answered matter for the conveying message. invitation for multiple perspectives. first impression matter. (if not first, then must give reason to rationalize for other. difficult to set back the first since it was spontaneous)


Planet Earth is presented as of the workings of cosmic universal systems at play!

Composed of many elements that were created and destroyed.

Amongst the rapid clashes and fluxation of energy and matter, we bear witness to the planet of life called Earth emerge from the wonderment of possibilities.

X years ago, a cell appeared from the turbulent atmosphere. it had an ability to do what no other material can do at the time which was to replicate itself.

That very unique cell is the stepping stone of humanity in the making!

Us, Humans, are comprised of billions of cells all functioning together as one unit made up of all of you.

in simple terms. we use matter and energy to communicate. we are living and breathing talking atoms of the universe. the only one of its kind! uniquely human and globally connected species of planet earth.

humanity (bias, consciousness, community, supported belief systems) religion/ sociology. dissonance of conflicting beliefs


7 charas, Buddhism, Dali lam, Gondi, Sigmon fruid

the unknown and ambiguity. bias

stress (from self illusions) what it does to of phiso and pych

objective and subjective

yin and yang. compareason. yes to one no to other. general balance

security internal and external

community.  majority and minority relationship (family and upbringing  (known reality))

the dissonance of ideas. 3 clicks. (like playing jeopardy) (feedback loops)

altruism and asexual behavior.

religion (reveals human behavior traits and way of life)

to rebel (variance in the system)  of the focused idea

rules and sociology


Developmental psychology, physiology (age, time, energy, opportunities, learning curve.)  IQ

bread crumbs to behavior of the time from youth and practice

music+menalty stimulation (multiple corresponding connections: rhythm, harmony, melody tone mood feeling (analyse on!).rhythme

rhythme young! work with it! tremendous possibility if supported.

capabilities of over all senses. amasing people.

stab without bleeding. eat glass and metal.  conducter, magnect, eco location, young girl see without seeing, gunieuses, lidsky, memory , the gifted and the skilled

comfort vs discomfort

babies to children to adults

3 months and you can see fine print images.

sponge capability. 3 months to 1.5 year is pure connections to relationship. 1.5 -5 is expression of that relationship. (translation)


Behavior (cognitive, personality traits, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses) EQ

logically creative and creatively logical

16 perdsonalitys

Part reptile Part mammal Part logical.

12 animals. chinese. horoscopes (we find connections and make them true as well as it being true)

School and environment (General education, government, surroundings, how your environment structure part of who you are)

si standard

math, physics, history, English, biology,

preschool k-5, 6-8, 9-12, freshman-senior, gradsschool-phD


Interest and hobbies (entertainment of life and living! art, music, dance, movies, imaginative)

imaginative = creative resourcefulness of a human capability to scratch reality.


intertwine overlapping views of Benefit towards like.

creativity of material world and metaphysical.


Reference point(connection, matching, memory, significance, stress, cause and effect, relevance, coincidental, recall exhaustion, rationality, expression, unwanted complications, game theory)


Tools of what came in handy for me and the connections I have made.

connected interests (huge dude)

bypass instant

imprint memory




out of paradoxes

choose and rationality

induces practical of behavior traits. (fake til makeish )

imagination to reality and vis-versa

triforce. delta. fire

response trigger action. habits


method testing simulations(real time practiced to assess info about self or society)

awareness moving to concentrate on subject of analysis for connective conceptualize understanding)

immersive thoughts and senses. scenery and mood.

master the 5 senses for clarity.  (clairvoyance.)


what happened with me

someone watching. supported ideas.

allow me to be confident in beliefs towards experiments that will test the human mentality and mind itself.

new ideas for the ones already present in this time work. must find a new way to rediscover virtues of the human brain. rebirth previous findings with new ideas of reaching them.

My overall theory of life itself is comprised of a unity with self and society along with historical findings of different ways of life all configured to self. Self is so unique that other ideas may not all correlate towards another’s viewpoint. We live in the information age where all finding proof for questions can be pretty much found on google.

I beleive it is time for this new age to now compile all for lives findings into a standard that the new self-human being can find refuge in information to present the change needed in society today.

others has shown me that they would support self if both units are both agreed upon. society is changing towards the influence that I present. I am glad to have a say about your view of reality.  Since we all have such a unique view of society and variety is needed for society to function the way that is dose. YOUR INPUT IS NECESSARY EVEN IF It’s DIFFERENT. they allow me a voice. a voice that allows shape the fabric of time.


Do what to take the red pill or the blue pill.

red pill: to stick with your own view of life already set.

Blue pill: to walk into a rabbit hole of infinite change. This change may allow you to pick and choose the reality you want to see.

The choice is yours, where choice is the only thing we have that is truly our own.