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I wonder what it could be, humanity linked.


Past lives

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though mitosis, the finest biological halves.

(a family of relativity)

don’t know to care….

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we teach and project care.

tantrums though are intuitive. Not thought out, it just looks that bad. try not to worry how bad it looks. maybe try to show an alternative to easing the situation with a new reaction approach.

opens doors to exploration!

What we don’t think about?

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oh How there are so many…



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to carry preassumptions.

limit the possibility of other responses

surpassed – afformed – not met (limit)

I have trouble dealing with expectation. because I think that I may not meet them.

I haven’t thought about thinking the other way til now!

and good nos!?!?!? like hello!!!


Welcome Human!

If you would allow me to be your host, we will try to sort out your troubles that you are currently having. (calm slow emphasis)

*Time cycles. Rhythm, adjustment (ur describing jazz dude… lol)

Can you describe the sensations of what you feel in those situations? They are uniquely yours. no one knows. we can only guess and adjust to.

*vulnerable to judgment, personal, expectation, may carry subsided memories.

look for automatic reaction types: emotional(psychological) or physical(biological). fidgeting nervousness, anger or fear (BIOLOGICAL CAN TRIGGER EMOTIONAL)

*Give examples. Commonality relatability connectivity

Do you remember having any preexisting emotions prior to the incident?

code the zone dude

consciousness feels alert, time evaluated differently. a future option more generally due to time experience

To have a perfect world, there must be an imperfect one. If we have created one in our dreams, we live in the other. 

  • depression
  • OCD
  • bi-polar


I forgot at the moment. (It’s ok, we forget everything! how else are we able to go to sleep! We all can have a difficult time bringing up memories, we can’t remember everything at the same time.) You are the director of your thoughts, try to verbally guide a memory related to the incident.

 (add background information, maybe a story similar to theirs but MUST be one of your previous clients or past experiences.)

=  affirmative/confident/encouraging (low key)  in your guidance

  • PTSD
  • trauma


  • opiates

physio – latches on to the with the withdraw symptoms.

high stimuli hold tightly to the negative symptoms of the body. high pobablity to reenact negative reaction for positive simulation. creating dissonance on a feedback loop.

specific weening period

tolerance, timing metabolism,  move to a new relaxing area away from home

(no past preassumptions about how to react to surrounding)(less trigggers)

– will be assessing the area for relatable information to understand where they lay and how comfortable the environment (be released from self-assumption of appearance free from judgment, no one knows you so you can be how you want to be. others that break their standards of appearance open doors to release of worry.



vaccumed heat = the black hole of light (entropy) (dark matter? it takes up space) it may reveal a electro radiation pathway! and it’s in a closed atmosphere! so small and compact!

ummm…. i think we popped……



Lets Gaspy This Shit Up!

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Come on!

come on!

come on!

Time for us to begin!






Was that me or you?

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as long as its there.

two points and a relationship.

an intertwined bondage

here we go!