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Sweet. I do this and that. Put that there and do this. Got it.


Where do I get Everything?….. damn (All this time searching)…..


patience.  observe.



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i think i found a piece that i can work with! woohoo! ah hah!




atmosphere (environment physical movement)

Wow man! eureka moment =D


now translate! whoooooshhhhhhh…

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sphere of influence

the action of observation… weird reaction.. its like they know lol why hide then?!?!

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exist in the physical, live in the metaphysical. depth is like so interesting. like you can go through shit lol

humans = really good planners lol superpower = ability to create a false reality(anything not happening now-present moment is false)(generate simulations) yay imagination! can make false true or predict true in the future… to some extent… limited power… aw not so super anymore… lol

found one! look for its counterpart… everything conditional… reactive and influential… predictable since everything happens due to something happening. where did all this stuff come from? what was the first happen to start this domino train?

energy = physical influence, speed and size…



why do you care?

it feels good to care… and I like feeling good? lol

help from the struggles of life… help is nice =D


curiosity = code

creativity and logic = code

mind over matter = code

athelte = code

emotions = weird tingling code lol



I never want to die

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I want to forever observe existence.

And be able it influence here and there!

Ooouu pretty pictures and lights!!! Patterns!!!=D

For what actually happens next is always a mystery…

We never really die. Our form does. Material repositioning due to energy flux. Just one chance to experience life in this realm.

Remember that you can only see what you are allowed to see. Laws and rules. (And I’m trying to make smoothies for everyone!!! Fun fun under the sun!

Start everything either 100% or 50/50… so much easier man… I. Fucking spending all day reajusting this baggage just to get to that… you can add more later…lol

Infinaty moving? Or forever still?

Still in the Balance

Aloooootttt of small stuff in this universe… pinpoint and set. Done! Center of mass. Laws of attraction(I think attraction is just a reference. There is no attraction. No free will. Only freeish. It’s chill, we’re all in the same boat for at one.

How to stimulate faster? Code a black hole… kinda like null…. But null is already limited too by available space.(seriously WTF is space?!?! Is required for stuff but it can live without it… And depth?!?! Awesome)

Not possible yet? A desire to fulfil? Then must make possible!
Now back to humans!

Patterns…triggers… the fight for life/ to survive just alil longer…

to live is to suffer… resistance training… conditioning…

sensitivity for subjectivity(positioning)… tolerance(manageable)… dexterity (seriously…. life only exist in a conditional experiment) not met… dead… yea that’s like everywhere!!!)


seeds everywhere!!!!!! for the chance of life is few.

isn’t that strange?

no want or desires. dormant existence. just there.

until we are born… now survive… good luck… or trained to survive in the place you live in. no free will man… which is chill lol

Attend to all.

ok… stuff just there. done.

change forms. sure. small first… it makes up the big (which is just small all clumped together)…

whats with polarization? for direction? for what tho? stability? center of mass (at smallest unit) for balance?  uh huh… ohhhhh its not + and – at all… i spin this way so things that spin that way just come to me… if its close by (within my realm of influnce)… lol

random stuff… oh look. life! rocks trying to play god. lol no plan, just appeared (the galaxy is like a neverending test with no right answers.. objective truth = is. since no one is here to care… hahaha until we show up to the party wootwoot) … so then we can make one up ourselves! i like plans…

possesses the ability to think… but we don’t need to think…so like why? comes in handy tho!

incredible. the power to fulfil desires. to have wants and make them come true! godlike!

whats the point? I think that’s where we’re headed. once there. done.


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How to unify? Point out what we all share. The is of being human. Set in stone. Starting point for comparison, position 1. Measure distance from us. Or starting point you! Then you’ll always have you in mind =]

Obective= to be subjected and to subjugate all (haha to be lifes lab rat – for humanity)

Work on is first. Only observe. Back to being a kid! If this, then this. Sure…. lol

How and why take way too long… my head actually hurts from it… why does it hurt to wonder in thought?!!?!?

And like going manic is like wayyyyy to easy. Personal experience actually. Making it a skill Mauahahahaha!

We are only smart until we find something smarter. Or make something smarter.

Like evolution? Smart as hell!!! Variations, chance, simple method and whatnot…

I think we can do it one day… access to nirvana for All! Light up the heaven that already lives on earth! A worldwide chill pill. high on life and all it has to offer!

now try to breach the gates!!


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Everything fits and is where it’s suppost to be.